You finally had a first date with a guy you really like!!

You’re excited about him and you can’t wait to see him again.

And now you’re waiting for his call.

And waiting

Aaaaandd still waiting

Should you text to tell him you had a good time or thank him?

What about that meme you saw about the Bears?

Should you send it to him?

He said he loved the Bears.

Or maybe you should listen to that article you read that said that guys like it when you reach out, ask them out, call them on their BS, pay for dates, howl at the moon naked at midnight, whatever guys are supposed to like this week.


The time to show a guy you like him and are interested in him is on the date.

After the date, the only way to see how interested he is is to wait and see how quickly he follows up and asks to see you again.

If he doesn’t, he’s not interested.

If he waits more than a couple of days, it usually means he’s got other options or something else is going on.

Nudging him isn’t going to change these things, but it could get you into a situation where you’re doing all the work.

Dating is about seeing how a man shows up over time and deciding if you have a future together.

If you want a future of constantly nudging a man to remind him that you exist, that’s totally fine.

But it’s way more fun to be with a man who’s excited about you and can’t wait to see you again.

So as tough as it is, wait for him to reach out and keep yourself busy talking to other guys.

If this one doesn’t follow up, another one might.

And you want to be out there so that the man who’s going to fall in love with you can find you.

Don’t deprive yourself of the magic of falling in love.

It’s one of the most amazing experiences available to us humans.

And infinitely more fun than reminding men that you like them.

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