You must fail to succeed

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June 26, 2016
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July 3, 2016

You must fail to succeed

Life is full of failure. None of us can expect to meet with sunshine, rainbows, and rose petals every single day. We will all encounter pain and disappointment at some point in life.

This is especially true in matters of the heart. I wish this were not so, but it is. When you inevitably find yourself dealing with a dating disappointment, I’d like to encourage you not to take it personally. Instead, learn everything you can and be persistent in the face of failure.

First, don’t take anything personally. Dating can be tough. People’s hearts are on the line. There’s so much emotion wrapped up in attraction and romance. It feels so personal, but it isn’t. As adults in the real world, most of the people we date are people we don’t know very well at first.

We’re meeting online, at parties, or being introduced by friends. The people you’re interacting with out there are strangers. They don’t know very much about you. Don’t take anything they say or do personally. Refrain from investing too much emotionally in one relationship too soon. Keep dating and move on quickly if it doesn’t work out.

Second, learn everything you can. Dating is a wonderful time to learn about yourself, relationships, other people, and the world. Don’t squander this opportunity. It could be the best personal growth workshop you’ve ever taken. It’s good for you to practice meeting new people, making conversation and talking about your goals and dreams with others.

You can also learn a lot about different foods, hobbies, music, and forms of entertainment. Honestly, why not enjoy it as much as possible?

Finally, be persistent. Don’t give up at the drop of a hat. Don’t take down your online profile after one bad date or hide on your couch for months after a breakup. Keep your goal of a loving relationship in mind and keep going. Seek out support. Learn how to date more effectively, take a course, or work with a coach. You weren’t born knowing how to do this stuff. It’s fine to reach out for help.

Meeting with failure only means you’re still trying. Keep going, keep learning, and have fun. If you’re not getting the results you want, figure out why. Just don’t quit. Being willing to fail and learn from it literally sets you up for success.

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