Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Wondering where all the good men are?


Dating can be so much work!

You’d much rather go out with your friends or focus on your career than spend time writing your profile or going on another bad date.

Besides, there don’t seem to be any good men out there.

You tell yourself that maybe it’s just not meant to be.

But that’s not true

You just need to learn how to date effectively.

Schools don’t teach this stuff, but I do.

I know the ropes and I can show you how to attract a wonderful man in just a few weeks.

It’s not rocket science.

My proven methods will help you start dating better men immediately and having fun!

You know in your heart that you really want lasting love

And there are plenty of men who want this too.

I’ll show you how to find them and create a beautiful relationship.

You’ll have a connection that progresses effortlessly toward love and commitment from the moment he clicks on your profile.

And you’ll never wonder where you stand with a man again

No more being dumped, ghosted or having the dreaded “Where is this going?” talk.


You can have true, lasting love in your life much sooner than you think.

Apply for your free discovery call with me here and let’s make it happen.

My Coaching will help you find the love you want!

I can help you find a great guy who really wants to be in a loving relationship with you.

You’ll stop falling for the pingers, players, and ghosters and wonder what you ever saw in them.

After we work together, your picker will be fixed for good and you’ll know how to spot your dream guy a mile away.

He’s out there, I promise.

With private coaching you’ll:

Know how to find a man who treats you like gold
Be the kind of woman quality men can’t stop thinking about
Believe in love again
 Stop settling for crumbs
Create a relationship that progresses naturally toward love and commitment from the moment he clicks on your profile

Your coaching package includes:


“Three Keys to Finding Love” workbook

The exercises in this workbook will help you get results FAST! You’ll complete it before our first session so that I’ll be able to provide the laser-focused coaching you need to help you have the loving relationship you want. This workbook also provides encouragement and motivation to help you get started so that you can start taking the right actions immediately. No more spinning your wheels or wondering what to do!

“Ten Things You Can Do To Upgrade Your Love Life”

This e-book is full of great practical advice for everything from having a positive mindset to writing your online dating profile. You’ll turn to this book again and again as you continue dating for day-to-day tips and encouragement. It’s quick, easy to read, and totally do-able.

Your Coaching Sessions

A series of 50-minute sessions with me via phone or Zoom. I’ll help you get crystal clear about your relationship goals so that you’ll be able to have the beautiful relationship you want.

You’ll learn how your choices have created the results you have today and how to turn things around forever. I’ll teach you how to set yourself up for success in dating using my proven formula. You’ll be able to see and move past your old patterns of relating to men so that you can have love in your life now.

I’ll teach you how to date effectively so that you’ll never waste time with the wrong men again and stop settling for crumbs. You’ll wonder what you ever saw in those guys and start dating better men immediately.

Ready to have great love in your life?

Apply for your free discovery call with me here and let's make it happen.

Much Love,

Renee Suzanne

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