Why you must make time to date

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November 22, 2015
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November 26, 2015

Why you must make time to date

Are you making time to date? You say you want love, but you’re so busy. You’re killing it at work and you love your job. Then there’s your social life. It’s important to make time for friends and you do.

You also need to stay in shape, run errands and spend time with your family. What if you have kids? They sure don’t raise themselves.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of people in the world who are counting on you and there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. The weeks, months and even years fly by and you’re still alone. Love isn’t going to just fall in your lap. You need to make time for it, just like everything else that’s important to you.

You must make time for things that are important to you or they simply will not happen.

You can make time for anything that is truly important to you. You may need to cut back on other things, like watching television, surfing the internet or playing games on your phone. If you truly want to have someone special in your life, take a good hard look at your schedule and see what activities you can cut back on in order to make time to date.

Almost everyone has some time that they can spare, it’s simply a matter of prioritizing. If you don’t have time to date, you definitely don’t have time for a relationship. If you really want to do this, make the time. Schedule it in your calendar.

The holidays are busy for almost everyone, but you must make time for dating if you want to have love in your life. It’s not going to “just happen”. You are going to have to do something different or it will continue to not happen, just as it has for however long you’ve been on your own.

Resolve to spend some time on finding someone every day and then just do it. Spend 30 minutes on a dating site, write to, wink or somehow engage with at least one person a day. Go to a singles event. Say hi to someone at Starbucks. One thing every day. If you have trouble with this, reach out to a friend and ask them to hold you accountable.

The holidays can feel lonesome. It’s a couple-y time of year. Sometimes it seems like you’re the only one without a significant other and it’s never going to happen, but that isn’t true. Resolve that this is your time and give yourself the gift of finding love now by making time to look for it.

This time next year you can be in the relationship you want if you start now and don’t give up.


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