Why it’s your duty to find love

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April 17, 2016
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April 24, 2016

Why it’s your duty to find love

Do you find it hard to believe that you can have find love? Are you afraid that some force of nature has determined that you will be denied this blessing? Do you wonder if love is even possible anymore, or feel like you’re one of those people that it’s just never going to happen for?

You’re not. Love is for you. No one is excluded from the possibility of having love.

Love is good for you, there’s a man out there right now who wants to have you in his life and your being together will make the world a better place.

True love will help you be happier and live longer. It will make you realize that the universe doesn’t begin and end with you in a way that nothing else can.

Love waters the dried-up places in your soul. Love is expansive, engaging, and connecting. Love makes you greater than you can be on your own because it connects you to someone else in a way that nothing else can. Love rocks!

There’s someone out there looking for you right now. Believe it, believe in him. He’s a real flesh and blood guy and he’s wondering where on earth you are. Don’t you want to help him out? Don’t you want to make it a little easier for him to find you?

If you go online, leave your apartment once in a while, remain open, and refuse to become bitter or discouraged, imagine the magic that can happen.

Please keep trying. Stay with it every day. He’s out there looking for you. Don’t let him down.

When you find true love, you make the world a better place. Every time someone gets together with someone they love, all of their friends and family benefit from the experience as well. They may have friends who are discouraged who look at them and say, “Maybe it could happen for me too.” It encourages people far and wide. You never know who may be watching.

Your finding true love helps you, your future partner, and the world at large. Don’t discount the importance of this grand mission of yours. Your desire to find love is not nearly as selfish and trivial as you may think.


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