Why he didn’t call

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October 17, 2015
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October 24, 2015

Why he didn’t call

You’re home after your first date and waiting for his call or text. You had a great time and would love to hear from him. You thought he had a good time too, but something must be off because it’s been several days with no word and you’re wondering why he didn’t call. You’d really like to know what happened.

Honestly, there’s no way to know why he didn’t call for sure. Even if you call him and ask him yourself he may not pick up the phone or feel comfortable being honest with you, but chances are good that the reason is on this list:


  1. He wasn’t that into you. This happens all the time. There wasn’t a book written about it for nothing. There are times that you’ve felt this way about someone after a first date, so it only makes sense that it goes the other way occasionally. It’s hard not to take it personally, but try. It happens to everyone.


  1. He chose someone else. With so many of us dating online these days, it’s inevitable that we’ll be dating a lot of people. We connect with some folks better than others. Get right back online and email someone. You’ll have another date soon enough.


  1. He’s not ready for a girlfriend. Maybe he sensed that you are definite girlfriend material and he only wanted a hookup. Congratulations, you dodged a bullet.


  1. He is ready for a girlfriend and you’re not her. It’s ok. You barely knew this person. There’s no accounting for taste. You want to be with someone who sees you as a potential girlfriend, don’t you?


  1. You did something that turned him off. It’s possible. But so what? You can’t win ‘em all.


  1. You slept with him and he’s done now. I hope this isn’t it, but if it is, move on and keep your clothes on next time if you’re looking for more than just a hookup.


  1. You interrogated him on the date. I know you don’t want to waste your time, and I encourage my clients to find out a man’s relationship goals on the first date. Next time, remember to ask in a friendly, light way, don’t grill him.



  1. The real offline you wasn’t what he expected. Time to check your profile and photos. If they’re more than 3 or so years old and your appearance or weight has changed significantly, it’s time for an update. Please don’t post old photos and think he’ll change his mind when he meets you in person. It’s not fair and you wouldn’t like it if someone did this to you.


  1. He changed his mind. This happens a lot in early dating. It’s ok. There are plenty more people to meet, so get back out there.


  1. He’s not over his ex. He really thought he was, but he isn’t. Maybe he went out with you to distract himself and went home and called her. It’s tough to get back out there after a breakup and you definitely don’t want to be the rebound girl. Thank your lucky stars that it didn’t go any further.


For whatever reason, if he hasn’t called you, learn what you can and move on.

There are plenty more people out there for you to meet. Ultimately, you can’t know why he didn’t call, but you can move on to someone better for you.


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