Who Are You Becoming?

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July 3, 2019
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July 17, 2019

Who Are You Becoming?

Who are you becoming in your journey to find love?

Are you allowing this experience to help you grow or are you gritting your teeth and hoping that it’s over as soon as possible?

What are you learning about yourself and others through the dating process?

I truly believe that in my own (very long) search for a life partner, I evolved to become a version of myself who could actually have the great relationship I’m in now.

I listened to a podcast recently about how babies learn to walk. As they take their first steps, they – inevitably – fall down, but each time they fall, they get back up.

They keep doing this until they’re finally able to walk. It is the very act of falling and getting up over and over again that builds the strength to walk.

So keep getting up.

Each time you struggle or have a setback, use that experience to learn, to grow, to develop the strength and skills you need in order to create the life you want.

The possibility of not learning to walk never enters that baby’s mind! She just goes for it.

Never entertain the possibility that you won’t get what you want. Just go for it.

Think only of the future you want to have and the strength you’re building in order to have it. To learn more, check out this video!

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