What’s Been Holding You Back from Finding Love

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September 19, 2018
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October 3, 2018

What’s Been Holding You Back from Finding Love

Do you feel that something’s been holding you back from finding love?

I have SO been there. I know what it’s like to be single for years on end and feel incredibly frustrated at the apparent lack of good men.

Consider that you have more influence on this situation than you think you do, and it starts in your very own mind.

Here’s how: You LOVE being right. About everything. It’s OK, so do I. Just ask my husband how much I love to be right, he’ll tell you! That’s just how our brains are wired – we all love being right.

But your desire to be right could be costing you a lot. It could be costing you the opportunity to have love in your life.

When you have a belief, your brain works to find evidence to prove it’s true. In doing this, you will actually create the circumstances in your life that you’re so unhappy about. Crazy, right? (There’s that word again!)

If you realize that it’s human nature to do this, then you can look at all the conclusions you have about love, dating, and men and ask yourself if they’re really accurate.

Maybe you have a thought that you’re too old to find love or that all the men your age are taken. How about the belief that men only want sex, or younger women?

Take out a journal and write down all the negative thoughts you have about dating, relationships, and men. Look them over and ask yourself, if you’re willing to be wrong about any of them. Can you find one instance where it’s not true?

For example; if you think that you’re overweight and that’s why you can’t find love, can you think of anyone else who is overweight and in a relationship? If so, then you were able to prove your own belief wrong.

These are things you want to be wrong about.

Check out this video for more on what’s been holding you back from finding love:

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