Want to be amazing?

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August 7, 2016
Do you think you need to be perfect?
August 14, 2016

Want to be amazing?

Do you want to be an amazing woman? Of course you do! The good news is, it’s much easier than you think to stand out from the crowd and you’ll have much more fun when you do. Doing even some of the following things on a regular basis will help you become your most amazing self.

1. Be confident. Everyone loves a confident person. Stand up straight, look people in the eye and smile. Act like you’re the queen of the universe. Who says you aren’t?

2. Put a little extra effort into your appearance. You don’t have to wear designer clothes or even makeup if that’s not your thing, but knowing that you look your best will help you feel more radiant.

3. Love your life. You’ll be an amazing person and have a fabulous life too. Create a life you love now, don’t expect a man to do it for you.

4. Figure out what you want. This will really set you apart because most people only have a vague idea what they’re looking for. Take the time to do this and then own it. Don’t apologize for your dreams or settle for less.

5. Be present. When you’re spending time with someone, really be there. Silence your phone and pay attention to him. He will feel it. You can think about your job, your ex, or your kids later.

6. Be real. We love people who are genuine, who have the courage to be themselves and let us really see them. These are the people we remember, the ones who inspire us.

7. Make time for a man in your life. Being so busy that you can’t squeeze him into your schedule doesn’t make you intriguing, it makes you unavailable. Show up for the relationship you say you want to have and date men who are willing to do the same.

8. Love something. Anything! I don’t whether it’s a sports team, a favorite food, a TV show, or a cause. Enthusiasm is contagious.

9. Have a positive attitude. Do your best to see the good in everything and everyone. Find three things every day to be grateful for.

10. Be kind. Simple kindness and decency are so refreshing in our jaded world. Being kind to yourself and others will set you apart and make you delightful to spend time with.

If you keep these ten things top of mind and put them into practice you’ll be an amazing woman. You’ll also have a much better time than most of the people out there and men will notice. What you do after that is up to you!

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