Every Tuesday night, The Hubbs and I go to dance class.

I married a guy who takes me to dance class!!!!


Whenever we learn something new it feels really hard and I want to leave early and go get a cocktail!

But our instructor makes us try the new move repeatedly, sometimes even 10 times.

Then he makes us do it again at the next lesson and the one after that.

I’m always surprised at how much we improve.

We’ve been going for 2 years, and we’re not winning any prizes, but we’ve come a long way.

It’s so easy to underestimate the amount of effort it takes to achieve the really cool things we see other people do.

Sometimes we even think that those things “just happen”.

This is rarely the case.

Most really fabulous things take time and effort to create.

Gorgeous homes are built, beautiful gardens are planted, elite athletes train for years.

You don’t just hop off the couch after 10 years of sitting around and become a fabulous dancer overnight.

If you’re struggling to find a decent guy to date, getting engaged and married is probably going to take a good amount of work.

It’s not going to just happen.

But it IS achievable.

So don’t throw up your hands because it hasn’t happened yet and continue to passively wait and hope for your luck to change.

Instead, commit to learning how to date effectively.

Expect for it to be a process and commit to achieving the result you want no matter what.

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