understanding what you want

July 31, 2018

Understanding What You Want

When it comes to relationships, do you know what you’re looking for? This is a question I often ask the women I work with and I usually get the same vague responses back; “I just want to meet someone nice”… “I’ll know him when I see him”… “I’ll have that certain feeling”, etc. The truth is, if you want to have a great relationship, you need to be proactive. You need to know what you want. If you’ve been following your gut, your instinct, hormones, or having butterflies all this time, it probably hasn’t been working for you. It’s time for you to consider a different approach. If you haven’t thought about what you want in a relationship, I highly suggest you grab a pen and paper and write it down. Ask yourself: What qualities do I want in a man? How do I want him to make me feel? What kind […]