July 19, 2015

When should you sleep with him?

You’re on a great date, the chemistry is off the charts and you’re excited. Where has this amazing man been all your life? You cannot wait to kiss him, and you can definitely imagine doing much more than that! It’s so wonderful when you really connect with someone and you can see yourself with him, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve met someone special. You can’t wait to hop into bed, have him in your life, and enjoy your happily ever after. If your goal is a long term relationship, how long should you wait before you sleep with him? The answer is, it depends. There are things you need to find out before you throw caution to the wind and bed down with a new man. Specifically, you’ll benefit most from knowing if he shares your relationship goals, is really your boyfriend and there is an established timeline […]
July 27, 2015

Are you really OK with casual sex?

It’s the morning after you’ve slept with a new man for the first time. How long does it take you to check your phone? If you’re like most women, you’re checking the thing all day for his call or text. Then there’s the next day, and the next. The sinking feeling starts in the pit of your stomach. You go from surprised to sad to angry to wondering why the hell you care. Didn’t you just meet this guy? It’s common for women to feel like they should be OK with no-strings sex or “friends with benefits”. Casual sex is considered socially acceptable and even revered in some circles. It seems like everyone’s hooking up and we should be too. We feel like we should be able to date like men, but fact is that we are not men. We are wired differently than they are and with few exceptions, we […]
January 16, 2019

Having Emotionally Safe Sex

We hear so much about how to practice safe sex from a physical perspective, but how often have you heard about how to have emotionally safe sex? This is such an important topic and is largely ignored. It seems to me that women have been fed the idea that in order to be liberated we should date like men, act like men, and be very cavalier about our sexual experiences. I say B.S. I totally disagree with this and I think that kind of behavior is actually harmful for most women. If you’re a woman who’s able to date like a dude and it makes you happy, that’s amazing. For the many other women (myself included) that have a hard time being casual about a physical relationship, it’s okay to take your time and get to know a man before you get naked with him. It’s not only totally okay, […]
February 6, 2019

Intimacy While Dating

I don’t need to tell you that men want sex. Physical intimacy is usually a part of a romantic relationship and we all like it that way! If you want more than that from a relationship, make sure you’ve discussed it before things go too far. Most men will want to make out first and ask questions later, if ever. Try to not find them wrong for feeling that way. This tendency is responsible for the existence of our species and it’s not likely to change anytime soon. Instead, learn to understand and work with it. You both have a right to feel as you do and want what you want. If you want a long term relationship, make sure you’re dealing with a man who shares that desire and discuss it openly. As you increase the physical closeness in your relationship, make sure that you’re also increasing the emotional […]