relationship help

October 3, 2018

Are You Bad at Relationships?

Are you bad at relationships? I definitely used to be. In fact, I believe I was the QUEEN of being bad at relationships. For many years I couldn’t get a relationship to last longer than a month – if that. It was so discouraging and I thought it was a lost cause. There I was, Miss “Bad at relationships”. But being bad at relationships isn’t something that just happens to you. You weren’t born bad at relationships. You weren’t born knowing how to do very much of anything at all.  So if you’re bad at relationships, you learned how to be bad at them. The good news is that you can now learn how to be good at them. There are so many resources available to you so that you can learn to be great at relationships. You can take classes, work with a coach, read books, or watch YouTube […]
November 21, 2018

Dealing With Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety when waiting for a guy to reach out to you after a date? Unfortunately, this is part of the deal and we’ve all been there. After your first date, your mind fills with questions like, Did he like me? Is he going to call me? Will he want to see me again? When these questions fill your head, ask yourself what you’re making this mean about you. It’s totally understandable to hope he’ll call or text, but if it’s early on, you don’t even know him yet. Making his willingness to follow up (or not) mean anything about you does not serve you. It’s best not to take anything that happens in dating personally. For more advice on dealing with anxiety in dating, check out this video: Ready to stop leaving your love life to chance? Click here to apply for a complimentary discovery call […]
December 26, 2018

How to Prepare Yourself for the Perfect Relationship

The process of dating can be one of the best personal growth experiences you can participate in. How? You may ask. First of all, not only can the dating process help develop self-awareness, it can also prepare you to be in a relationship by putting yourself out there and meeting new people. That act alone takes courage. Dating also prepares you to be honest with your heart, to find exactly what it is you’re looking for, and to allow each date to teach you what you really want in a relationship. If you’ve been single for a long time, gone on a bad date, or jump into a relationship only to realize that the person you’re dating is just not right for you – rather than beating yourself up, ask yourself what it is that you can learn from the experience. What can you do differently next time? Don’t just […]
March 6, 2019

Are You Involved With a Pinger?

Are you familiar with the term “Pinger”? If the man you’re seeing not only texts, but calls you and takes you out on real dates, that’s fantastic! It shows that he’s interested in getting to know you. But if there’s been no actual in-person contact, just a few texts here and there, you may have a Pinger in your life. Well, not really in your life, but taking up way too much space in your head. A Pinger will send you a text once in a while to flirt and keep your interest, but there’s never any real progression in the relationship. He’ll always have some reason he’s not able to meet you. And that’s where it ends. Except that it doesn’t really end because he’ll keep pinging you, usually when you’re just on the verge of giving up on him and actually going out and trying to find someone […]
March 20, 2019

Coffee Date as a First Date

Do you like coffee dates? Honestly, I was never a coffee date kind of girl in my single days, but everyone’s different. If you like coffee and coffee dates, go for it! Just be sure that you like the reason you’re going on them. Is it because you actually prefer to meet for coffee or because you want a quick exit if it doesn’t work out?  If you’re using coffee dates as a quick low-investment way to screen your dates, getting on the phone before agreeing to meet is much easier and less time-consuming than meeting for coffee. If you decide to meet after your chat on the phone, you can do something a little more romantic that actually resembles a date, such as drinks after work,  a walk in the park, or even dinner if he suggests it. If you’re really hesitant to meet him for dinner, ask yourself […]