mind change

August 21, 2019

Do You Keep Changing Your Mind?

Do you feel perfectly content being single one minute and lonesome and unhappy the next? Were you “fine” until you scrolled through Facebook and saw that your ex got engaged or your college roommate had a baby? Have you pretty much convinced yourself that your life is everything you want it to be, but then have doubts on a regular basis? These things are so normal and we all do them from time to time. But if you’re constantly stuffing down your desire for a loving, connected relationship you may want to look deeper. Your heart may be telling you that it’s time to commit to having what you really want and making it happen. Even if it’s hard sometimes. Even if you don’t know how. Especially if you don’t know how. Because this is your life and it’s time to go for what’s really important to you. To learn […]