October 24, 2018

The Reality of Being Married

Being married is ridiculously awesome! I love it, and it’s absolutely worth all the work I put in to learn how to date. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. That said, my life is still very challenging at times. One set of problems ends and another begins. That’s life. And it’s OK. Does everything change after marriage? The answer: Yes and no... The reality of marriage is that, life still happens. You will still have problems. They don’t just disappear after you get married. More importantly, you will still be you, only married. Your spouse will provide feedback which you will have to consider and work with. You will do this for him as well. It takes a certain level of emotional maturity to be married and believe it or not, the dating process can be great preparation for this. Check out this video for more about what […]
January 2, 2019

How to Find a Guy Who Will Step Up

Do you want to be in a long-term relationship? To be married, living together, or have children? If so, I highly suggest that you write about it in your profile. Be sure to talk about it in a friendly way, so that men who share your goals will want to reach out to you . Some examples are; “I can’t wait to meet the love of my life” or “I’m looking for my last first date”. It’s also important to talk to men on the phone before agreeing to meet them. Doing so will not only save you time in the long run, it will up-level the entire energy of the relationship. Think about it, you want the men you date to know that they can’t just hit you up on Tinder and you’ll show up at the bar that night. Be willing to set that standard for yourself and […]