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September 4, 2019

Are You Too Busy to Bother With Men?

You’re busy. I get it. We all are. We want the best results in as little time as possible. I’m with you. No woman in her right mind wants to waste her time going on a bunch of bad dates or to spend months dating the wrong man. It’s not only a time suck, but it’s painful! Once you’ve been through this a few times, you may be ready to throw in the towel. But doing that won’t get you into a loving relationship. Want to know what will? Learning how to date effectively. Looking for men who possess qualities that actually matter in relationships. Presenting yourself in a way that is most likely to attract those kinds of men. Showing up with an open heart when you meet them. Being willing to invest your time in doing all of these things. To learn more, check out this video! Ready […]
September 11, 2019

Are You Trying to Stifle Your Heart’s Desire for Love?

Do you wish that you didn’t want to find someone? Are you trying to push down the pangs of loneliness with work, friends, or general badassery? Does it sometimes seem weak to you even to want a man to share your life with? You’re independent, brilliant and have everything you need. Isn’t love one of those fluffy things that is nice if you can get it? Definitely not a need. I sooo get it. I used to resent any implication that I might “need” a man. That was for weaklings and I was too strong for that nonsense. I didn’t need anyone. But I was wrong. I did need love and human connection. We all do. And it’s OK. To learn more, check out this video! Ready to stop leaving your love life to chance? Drop me a line to schedule a complimentary discovery call with me!
September 18, 2019

Do You Think He’s The Only Guy For You?

Is there a man in your life? Or sort of in your life, but not really? A guy who’s so amazing and perfect for you, but he doesn’t know it yet? If only he’d come to his senses and realize how amazing you are and how perfect you’d be together, then everything would be fine. So, you bide your time. You refuse to date other men. Or maybe you go on some dates, but your heart’s not in it because no one measures up to this guy. Can I get an “Amen”? I did this for YEARS. Needless to say, none of those guys turned out to be my husband. It’s tough to see this kind of dynamic for what it is, but I encourage you to do everything you can to break free of this. Your life, and the possibility of meeting a guy who’s really into you, are […]
September 25, 2019

You Need a Good Mate, Not a Good Date

Are you great at dating? What makes someone a great date? Being smooth, saying the right things, having “game”? Those things come with practice, lots of practice. The more dates you go on, the higher your chances of being good at dating. Good relationship skills come from being in long term relationships, not from dating. You get better at things that you spend lots of time doing. So the guy who’s a great date may not necessarily have the best relationship skills. And the guy who’s a keeper in the relationship department may not be the best date. He may not know all the hot spots in town or dress to the nines. But he may know how to comfort you when you’re having a bad day, make up after a fight or not need to get his own way all the time. You get to decide what’s important to […]
November 13, 2019

Be Open to Doing Things You Don’t Like

Do you hope to find someone who shares your love of dogs, Bordeaux, and jazz? Maybe you hope he’ll come to yoga class with you or be open to learning to meditate? I can relate. But this outlook is not helping your love life at all. I once had a client who would not date anyone outside of her chosen profession because she insisted that they were too boring. As far as I know, she’s still looking for someone. Please don’t do this if you’re interested in finding anyone in this lifetime. It’s time to broaden your horizons and be open to meeting different types of men. If you do, you’re much more likely to be successful and you may even end up with a few new hobbies. To learn more, check out this video! Ready to stop leaving your love life to chance? Drop me a line to schedule […]