first date

August 3, 2015

What to do when you hate dating

You know you need to date. You want to find the right guy so you’re out there slogging it out. Sometimes it seems like you’re going on job interviews with martinis, but you do it. You come home from the office, touch up your makeup, head out, meet new guy. Wash, rinse, repeat. Sometimes you hear from him again, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes there’s a connection, many times there isn’t. What should you do when you hate dating? I recommend three things; screen your dates, be real, and understand that this is part of your journey. First of all, screen your dates. Check out more than just his photos and his job description. Does he say anything you can relate to? Has he sent you a decent email or a one-sentence generic note that could have been sent to anyone on the site? Is he putting in any effort to […]
May 18, 2016

What should you do on first dates?

Once you get a great profile set up and weed through your inbox, you’re going to be going on some first dates. This is great news because first dates sometimes lead to second dates and if all goes well, relationships! Even when they don’t, they provide valuable learning experiences and a chance to connect with another person. In order to have the best possible dating experience, you’ll want to keep your objective in mind. Dating doesn’t have to take up all your free time if you’re focused and use the time you have wisely. In order to do this, I recommend that you screen dates first, put your best foot forward, and relax. Making sure that a date goes as well as possible starts before the date. Pre-screen your dates by emailing a bit and talking on the phone at least once before meeting. Only meet at venues you’re comfortable […]
January 24, 2018

The case for online dating

I was speaking with a friend the other night who told me that she adamantly refused to try online dating. She is in good company. Many people are reluctant to give this a shot. They site losers, liars, players and the general feeling that something is wrong with anyone who has to resort to online dating to meet people. However, getting past these objections may be the best thing that ever happened to your love life. Statistically, online dating is your best shot at meeting someone in this day and age. Refusing to date online is like trying to sell your house without listing it on the MLS. Sure, it can happen, but you’ve got a much better shot if you use one of the best tools available to you today. With online dating, the numbers are in your favor, it’s efficient and you can find out much more about […]
October 10, 2018

5 Habits That Are Keeping You Single

Do you know what’s keeping you single? There are 5 habits I see all the time that derail women’s love lives. I used to do a lot of these things when I was single, so I know all about them. They can be a bit sneaky, and you may think these things are just happening to you, but they can be patterns. If you’re feeling brave, ask your friends if they see you doing this stuff. You definitely want to ditch these ASAP so that you can stop sabotaging your chances at finding love. 1) Dating unavailable people We’re all so busy and it can be very easy to take weeks to get together for a first date. Once that actually happens, it takes forever to get around to the second. You settle for texts and never talk on the phone. You ask him to call but he continues to […]
December 12, 2018

Does He Like You?

Are you interested in a guy but unsure how he feels about you? You think he likes you. He smiles at you, maybe even chats you up or texts you, but never seems to ask you out. Guys are encouraged to go for what they want, so if you have to question whether he wants to date you – he probably doesn’t. I know that may be tough to swallow but I really want you to take this to heart. A man will usually make his interest clear even if he’s shy. Men know when they like you, they don’t get confused about this. Please don’t tell yourself stories about how he’d surely ask you out if only he wasn’t going through a tough time, fresh out of a relationship, busy at work, etc. A man who isn’t asking you out just doesn’t want to. If you’re spending a lot […]