emotional availabiltiy

October 19, 2016

Are you emotionally unavailable?

You’re out there dating, really giving this thing a shot. Mostly. You’ve been going on one or two dates a week with someone suitable. More or less. It just never works out. No one ever knocks your socks off. You don’t care if you ever see them again. It ends with an awkward hug. They don’t call and you don’t care. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. There may be a few variations. Every so often, you meet someone who may be a possibility, but he’s just out of a relationship, lives in another city, or is much too busy to focus on a relationship. What gives? It could be that you’re not emotionally available. A person who is truly emotionally available will not tolerate an emotionally unavailable partner, so if this is happening to you, the best thing to do is to consider your own emotional availability. You can’t attract an emotionally […]