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December 26, 2018

How to Prepare Yourself for the Perfect Relationship

The process of dating can be one of the best personal growth experiences you can participate in. How? You may ask. First of all, not only can the dating process help develop self-awareness, it can also prepare you to be in a relationship by putting yourself out there and meeting new people. That act alone takes courage. Dating also prepares you to be honest with your heart, to find exactly what it is you’re looking for, and to allow each date to teach you what you really want in a relationship. If you’ve been single for a long time, gone on a bad date, or jump into a relationship only to realize that the person you’re dating is just not right for you – rather than beating yourself up, ask yourself what it is that you can learn from the experience. What can you do differently next time? Don’t just […]
March 13, 2019

Real Connections Are Being Made Online

Are you discouraged with the results you’ve been getting from online dating or hesitant to post a profile in the first place? Have you heard and believed all the horror stories? So many people ask me if online dating results in real, honest-to-goodness connections and the answer is, ABSOLUTELY! In fact, about 1/3 of new marriages today began with an online introduction and that number is increasing. I’ve also read research suggesting that relationships that begin online tend to be stronger and last longer than others. If you’re not happy with your results from online dating, you may just be doing it wrong. It’s OK. I did it wrong for many years myself, so you’re definitely not alone. The good news is that it’s an easy problem to fix. Dating is simply a skill that can be learned. I can teach you how to do it, or you can learn […]
April 24, 2019

When He Upsets You

We all get upset with our significant other from time to time. It’s impossible to go through life with someone and be on the same page about absolutely everything, but it’s still tough when these things come up. So, what should you do about it? First, think about what he’s done. Are you taking something personally that isn’t about you? You’re absolutely entitled to have your feelings, but what are you making his behavior mean to you? Can you separate the action he took from your feelings about it? For example, if he was late and you feel that it was disrespectful to you, stop and think about what you’re making this event mean. Does it mean that he’s disrespectful? Does it mean that he doesn’t care about you? Does it have to mean that? Could it mean something else? Could it not mean anything? If he does something that […]
October 2, 2019

You’re Not That Into You

Do the guys who really like you turn you off? Are you constantly finding things you don’t like about them? Picking them apart and going for the guys who are more standoffish instead? I used to do this all the time. I remember a really nice guy taking his jacket off on our first date and being turned off because it wasn’t lined! Seriously! I knew that I was being ridiculous, but I couldn’t stop myself. And that’s how I kept ending up with one emotionally unavailable man after another for years. The next time a guy is excited about you and it grosses you out, ask yourself why. Why can’t you take it in? Spend some time with yourself and listen long enough to hear the answer. To learn more, check out this video! Ready to stop leaving your love life to chance? Drop me a line to schedule […]
October 9, 2019

Is Self Care Keeping You Single?

So many women get discouraged with dating and say they need to take a break. I understand completely! Dating can be brutal, especially if you’re just winging it and hoping for the best. But the “take a break” strategy is totally ineffective. Think about it, do you take a break from the gym and hope you’ll be in better shape in a few months? No! The mere passage of time does nothing to change the results you’re going to get. If you want a different result, you need to learn how to make it happen. So, what do you really want from dating? How will you use your time away from the dating scene to learn how to get what you want? What will you do differently next time? This is the ultimate self-care, because it’s having your own back instead of checking out on yourself. It’s hard, but it’s […]

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