July 17, 2019

What to do When You’re Not Connecting With Anyone

Why can’t I connect with anyone?? If this is something you’ve been wondering, you’re not alone. I asked myself this question so many times when I was single. I’ve been on hundreds of dates (yes, really), and I have plenty of experience that you can now benefit from. So why, in a world with so many people, websites, and dating apps, are you not connecting with ANYONE?  And what can you do about it? First, use your own inner wisdom. Sit down and think about what could possibly be causing you not to connect with anyone. What does your profile look like? Is it dismissive of others as actual humans? Is it a rant or a list of non-desirable traits that you’re not looking for? Did you feel compelled to write “NO HOOKUPS”? How are you showing up in your messages, conversations, and on dates? Do you scroll through dating […]