June 19, 2019

What if You Knew You’d Succeed?

When I was single, my coach asked me, “What would you do right now, if you knew that a year from today, you’d be exactly where you want to be?” This question really stuck with me. I still use it on myself when I’m feeling lost. So how about you? If you knew for sure that you’d be happily in love, married, wherever it is that you want to be, what would you do right now? How would you act? Would you show up differently in the world? To make this even more exciting, take out your pen and write it down. Keep it with you and read it often. How would feel waking up next to the man of your dreams? What would your dream life look? If you knew it was a done deal, would you chill out? Forgive your ex? Stop freaking out every time some guy […]