April 17, 2019

What To Do If You’re Hurting

Are you hurting right now? Believe me, I’ve shed many tears over being dumped, ghosted, and led on. These things hurt! If you’re suffering today, I’m sending you the biggest hugs and my heart truly goes out to you. Here are some things you can do to learn everything possible from this experience so that you can minimize your chances of being in this situation again. First, please treat yourself with compassion. Don’t add to your pain by being hard on yourself. Give yourself the same kindness that you’d give to your beloved daughter or niece. Once you’ve done that, ask yourself these questions: What were the choices you made that resulted in the situation you’re in now? Did you choose to date a man that was unavailable? Were you hoping that something would change or improve if you continued to date him? Did you see a red flag that […]