July 26, 2018

Tips to Help You Heal

Are you working on healing something? I hear so much talk lately about people who are still healing from past relationships or old childhood wounds. I understand that excruciatingly painful things happen to people. Believe me, I’ve had more than a full helping of total nightmare in my life. I understand the need to heal, but letting it take over your life will not be helpful. Healing is a process that eventually comes to an end. You don’t want to be stuck in healing mode forever because you have a limited amount of time on this planet. Don’t you want to spend it having an amazing life? Do you really want to hide out in the name of healing while everyone else, including your ex, is going on happily about their business? I think not! Get out there and date again. Don’t use healing as an excuse. If you just went through a […]
July 31, 2019

Who Are You Asking for Advice?

Who do you turn to for advice? Some sources of advice will help you more than others. It’s tempting to commiserate with your single friends and co-workers, but unless they have the results you want and can help you get them, it may not be the best approach. Asking family members for guidance presents challenges as well. You may not be comfortable sharing everything about your dating life with your family members and they tend to see you differently than other people do. Sometimes family members can also trigger you. Friends and family members alike tend to shy away from telling you things you’d benefit from knowing, but might hurt your feelings. They love you and they probably don’t want to hurt you or make you mad. It really can help to get a more objective opinion from a coach or a therapist. In addition to being objective, your source […]