Stay the course if finding love is important to you

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December 27, 2015
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December 31, 2015

Stay the course if finding love is important to you

Finding the love of your life is a tall order. I’m not promising that it will be easy, but I truly do believe that finding love is possible for anyone who is willing to have faith, do the work and stick with it.

Some days will be more difficult than others, it may take longer than you would like it to. There will likely be setbacks and disappointments along the way. When these times come, remember your dream, stay in action and consider the consequences of giving up.

The first thing to do when you’re feeling discouraged is to remember your dream of finding love. Go back to your journal and read what you wrote what kind of relationship you want to have. Read about how you will feel when you are in that relationship. Marinate in it. That’s your dream. It’s worth having. It’s worth believing in. It’s worth going to the wall for.

So, here you are at the wall for your dream. You’re not giving up are you? After all this? No way! You are a badass. There’s no way you’re giving up your dream.

What to do instead? Stay in action. What can you do today? Is there anything you haven’t tried yet? Do that.

Is there anything you are afraid to try or your friends keep telling you to try that you won’t? Do that.

I guarantee that if there is something you are resisting doing, it’s just the thing for you to do. Go ahead and give it a shot. It sure beats giving up.

Are you doing something every single day toward your goal of finding love?

If not, start now. Regular consistent action beats sporadic action hands down. Think about your career. If you’re successful, it’s at least in part because you show up every day. Not just when you feel like it. This is your dream. Show up for yourself every day.

Finally, consider what will happen if you quit. Are you really ready to give up on your dream of love? Do you want to go the rest of your life without having a wonderful man in your life who adores you? Isn’t it worth going back online for, going on a few more dates for?

If you quit, just stop taking action and let the years slip by and get to the end of your life without finding love, will you regret it? Answer honestly. If the answer is yes, then take action today to make your life all you want it to be.

I want you to wake up next to someone who loves you every morning. I want you to go to sleep at night in the arms of a man who thinks you’re amazing. I want you to know without a shadow of a doubt that you are adored, that you are worth loving and to have the very best life you can have.

Stay the course. Remember your dream, keep taking action and consider the consequences of giving up. This is your life and this is for you. I want you to have your dream of love.


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