Should You Act Like You Don’t Care?

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October 7, 2020
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October 21, 2020

Should You Act Like You Don’t Care?

You’ve probably had the experience of having a guy you didn’t care about think that you were awesome.

And wished that the guys you really liked felt that way.

Maybe you thought this happened because you didn’t care.

But that’s unlikely.

What’s more apt to be true is that you were confident and acted more like yourself around the guy you didn’t care about and he admired you for that.

So the next time you consider trying to act like you don’t care, even when you do, try being yourself instead.

And letting the chips fall where they may.

It’s ok if you can’t be confident, you can still be courageously you.

Love yourself enough to be yourself and let the world see you.

To learn more, check out this video!


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