Run your race

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October 5, 2015
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October 17, 2015

Run your race

Yesterday was marathon day here in Chicago! I ran it myself a few years back and trained for many months in order to participate. It was a huge commitment and it definitely wasn’t easy.

In many ways, your journey to love may resemble training for a marathon. It’s a long-term goal, but totally worth the investment of training.

What’s the difference between trying to fit into a cute dress for a party and having a healthy shapely body every day? Committing to your fitness as a lifestyle. How about the difference between studying to pass an exam and having a stellar career? Your commitment to your own success, every day.

What kind of commitment are you willing to make in order to have a loving relationship that lasts a lifetime?

Are you willing to go the distance, or will you give up the minute it requires effort? You will drive yourself crazy if you check for results all the time. Keep taking action, have faith and enjoy the journey.

Keep taking action toward the relationship you want to have. Realize that this endeavor makes you a better person, more friendly, interested in humanity as a whole. If you can remember this, instead of focusing on the result, you will become a more well-rounded person.  You will also be more likeable and more attractive to the people you’d like to date.

Be a good conversationalist, cultivate a genuine interest in others and their well-being, and participate in the world around you. The skills you build now will serve you well once the relationship you want materializes. Your efforts will not be wasted.

Have faith that good things are on their way to you and relax a bit. Release your chokehold on the universe and make it your priority to grow as a person. If you do this, you will win no matter what the results, because it’s always possible to grow as a person.

Understand that whatever is happening right now is helping you to develop the skills that you will use for your next project in life. Try as much as possible to believe that the universe has your back. Pray or meditate, read inspirational materials, watch happy movies, believe in the good. Have faith that what you want is coming to you and will arrive as soon as you are ready for it.

Enjoy the journey. Maybe the last guy you met wasn’t your soul mate, but you got to try a new restaurant, or discover salsa dancing or a new sport. You’re on your own right now, so make it the best experience possible.

You won’t always be able to run off on vacation with your girlfriends or read until 4 A.M. without disturbing someone. What can you appreciate about this time in your life, right now? What can you do to enjoy this special time with yourself?

Be in the moment and make this time in your life fantastic. Every part of your life counts. When you finally end up in the great relationship you’ve been wanting, you’ll still have struggles and challenges. Life will never be perfect. Learning to enjoy all of it really is essential.

If you keep your commitment to yourself by taking action toward your goal, have faith that what you want is coming to you and enjoy the journey you’ll be so much happier. You’ll be on your way toward where you want to be and when you get there, you’ll have no regrets because you enjoyed the experience.


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