Love begins with you

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November 29, 2015
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December 6, 2015

Love begins with you

Love really does begin with you. It begins with a decision you make in your own heart. Many times, we go out into the world searching for something to fill the emptiness we feel inside. Nowhere is this more true than in the search for romantic love.

We feel incomplete, we feel lonesome, we feel “less than”, and we hope that a lover will fill this void and make everything ok. The trouble is that he can’t. No one can do this but you. You may know this in your heart already, but not know what to do about it.

Once we fill this void within ourselves, we become much more attractive to others and much more likely to find the love we had been craving before.

How to fill this void? Understand that looking outside yourself for love keeps you distracted, realize that you are all you really have, and own your value as a unique human being on this planet.

Your ego likes to keep you distracted from looking inside yourself and making any lasting changes. It’s very invested in keeping things the same in your life and keeping you safe. That’s why it’s so hard to change your life.

If you’re searching for love outside of yourself, you’re missing the point. Seeking love out in the world will lead you on a wild goose chase with no end in sight.

The most valuable thing you’ll ever have is yourself. You are the only person you’ll be spending your entire life with. People pass through our lives and even the ones we spend many years with aren’t always around.

If you really learn to like and value yourself, you’ll always be in good company.
It’s hard to sell something you don’t believe in. We always know when someone is trying to sell us, to get us to buy something just so that they can make their quota. Then there’s the person who really believes in his or her product and you can tell. You actually want to buy from this person because he or she is so enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious.

So it is with love. Your product is you. Although you won’t really be “selling” yourself, you do need to love yourself. You must believe in your own value. No one else can give you value. You are infinitely valuable, but you must believe it. You must know it with every fiber of your being. If you keep looking outside yourself, you will never find it.

All of the love you will ever need is inside of you.

Once you truly get this, you’ll be able to open up fully and share this love with another person instead of grasping in order to get something from them.

When you look inside yourself, realize that true love is an inside job and own your value, you will be well on your way to finding love. There will be a sense of peace and confidence about you that most of the world just doesn’t have. Not only will you feel much better about everything in your life, you’ll be much more attractive to everyone around you.


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