Now is Not The Time to Have a Lousy Dating Profile

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April 1, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Now is Not The Time to Have a Lousy Dating Profile

PLEASE tell me you have an online dating profile!

You are not allowed to read my emails if you don’t.

Just kidding, but you know my views on online dating if you’ve been following me for more than 5 seconds.

It’s your best shot at finding your man if you do it right.

And having a great profile matters more than ever right now.

It’s the only way you’re meeting new men these days, so write one today if you don’t have one.

Be sure to include a few lines about the kind of relationship you’re looking for.

If this scares anyone away, that’s great.

You’ll have one less message to read from a man who doesn’t want what you do.

Put some serious time and effort into this.

Do not ever write another boring list of adjectives, travel destinations, or (God forbid) rants or “don’t message me if’s”.

Write something that you would actually enjoy reading.

A great profile gives the reader a glimpse into your life.

It will compel him to reach out to you.

Think about it, this is your “you” commercial.

Your profile and pictures are all a man has to go on until he interacts with you.

He has no idea how amazing you are unless you’re able to stand out in a compelling way.

If you nail this, you’ll be able to set the stage for the kind of relationship you want from the minute he clicks on your photo.

Consider the time you take to get this right a very wise investment in your future happiness.

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