It’s Okay to be Weird

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February 13, 2019
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February 27, 2019

It’s Okay to be Weird

Back in the day I used to host bible studies at my house. Many of the people who attended were couples.

There was one couple that stood out to me. They were newlyweds, weren’t in the best of shape and dressed kind of funny. Ok, really funny.

I often wondered how on earth they found each other, but they were really sweet and affectionate with each other which was super adorable.

I used to look at them, as a single person trying to date and wonder what I was missing. I was “normal” compared to them, in good shape, younger, dressed better, but I wasn’t meeting anyone!

Despite being the strange birds that they were, they were completely in love and were the exact right kind of strange for one another. It seemed like a miracle to me.

I remember thinking about it a lot. As they say, there really is a “lid for every pot”.

If there’s something about you that makes you think it’ll be hard to find a mate because you have this weird thing, take heart.

You can definitely find someone that is the same kind of “weird” as you or will at least appreciate and celebrate your brand of weirdness!

To learn more about embracing your weirdness, check out this video:

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