Is He Really a Good Guy?

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January 27, 2021
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Is He Really a Good Guy?

There seems to be some confusion about what constitutes a “good guy”, so let’s clear that up right now.

A good guy:

Calls you on the phone. He’s not just lobbing in a text every couple of days to keep you warm in case he doesn’t find anyone he likes better.

Wants to get to know you as a human being. He’s not just checking days off the calendar or counting dates for the purpose of clocking in enough hours to expect sex from you.

Plans dates in advance, confirms them without you reaching out and asking if you still have a date and follows up within a day or so afterward. You know when you’re seeing him again.

Doesn’t pressure you for sex. Yes, he’s attracted to you and likes you, but he’s not pushy about it.

Is excited about you. It’s totally obvious that he’s in your fan club.

Contact with him is escalating over time, not flatlining or falling off.

You always know where you stand with a good guy.

These guys ARE out there and I can help you find them.

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