If you’re anything like me you’ve had this experience:

A guy reaches out to you that you think is amazing.

You go on a date or 2, maybe even 3.

You can’t believe your luck!

He’s funny, smart, successful, well-traveled, is a wine enthusiast, fill in the blank with whatever you think is awesome.

Then it doesn’t work out, he ghosts, just wants friends with benefits, or only texts once every full moon.

And you think that’s the kind of guy you should be dating and ignore everyone else who is actually excited about you because they aren’t impressive enough.

I implore you to stop doing this immediately if you ever want to have a lasting relationship!!

Generally speaking, you should be open to communicating with about 5 to 10% of the guys who reach out to you online.

Think back to stats class and the bell curve.

This amazing guy is an outlier, and so are the weirdos and creeps.

Your sweet spot is in the middle.

The middle 5-10% pretty much represents who is attracted to you at this point in your life.

You can definitely work on yourself to attract the kind of guy you want and I recommend that you do so.

But at the end of the day you’re looking at saying yes to about 5 to 10% of the guys who reach out to you.

Holding out for an outlier is completely ineffective.

And you’ve already seen how that turns out.

Please don’t let the illusion that you can actually have a lasting relationship with guys like this keep you from finding love.

If you’d like my help figuring out how to improve your chances of finding a great guy and shift that bell curve so that it’s more to your liking, reach out to me and I’ll get you on my calendar.

I’ll do a complete analysis of the results you’re getting and create a plan for you to attract the kinds of men who are amazing in real life, not just on paper.

You’ll leave this call with real actionable advice to help you get into the relationship you really want.

To learn more, check out this video!

Ready to stop leaving your love life to chance? Drop me a line to schedule a complimentary discovery call with me!

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