I used to hate it when I read articles that told me to do this

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July 14, 2021
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July 28, 2021

I used to hate it when I read articles that told me to do this

I always hated it when I heard messages that I needed to compete with other women or play games with men to trick them into falling in love with me and wanting a relationship. 

For some reason, I internalized the message that all men who were a “good catch”  just wanted to date as  many women as possible and that there was something wrong with men who were interested in me or in commitment.

Have you felt like this? 

Like you were supposed to wait a certain amount of time before you responded to a text?

Or that you’d lose him if you didn’t sleep with him by the 3rd date?

That you needed to be anything other than yourself in order to attract your ideal man?

I know I did.

I thought I had to chase men or trick them into wanting a committed relationship with me because no man worth his salt would be easy to “catch”.

I found this to be demoralizing and discouraging.

Isn’t it so disempowering that women feel the need to compete against each other and try to “date like a man”?

And to even resort to casual sex to try to get a guy?

That is total BS!

Sex and game playing are not the way to a man’s heart. 

Neither is being unavailable or trying to be his buddy. 

And don’t even think that competing with him and engaging in “witty banter” is the way to go.

Here’s what women have not been taught:

The way to a man’s heart is to present yourself as a woman who values herself and what she wants more than anything else. 

And the best way to present yourself that way is to actually be that way.

Here’s what a man ACTUALLY values:

Being excited about you and proud to be your man!

He loves introducing you to his friends and family because he can’t believe how lucky he is to be with you.

He’s excited about you and he can’t wait to see you.

He thinks that you’re the most amazing woman in the world and he wants to be your hero.

Most men really do want to have this experience. 

They really do want to fall in love and have a great adventure.

This is why men love action movies, why they join the armed forces, why they like mountain climbing and hunting and camping. 

They want to have a big adventure and they want to be a hero.

I believe in the best in men.

I know that it’s controversial to say this, but real men want to contribute something to this world. 

They want to serve and to help women and children, not exploit them. 

Are there men who use women just for sex and sometimes money?


But I think those men are like wounded little boys. 

Those are not the men I’m talking about and those men are not datable. 

If you find a man like that, get rid of him fast.

Most men really do want to be your hero.

So, how do you attract this hero?

By valuing yourself and honoring your goals and desires.

And by dating from a place of strong self worth.

Men love this and they will rise to the occasion. 

Men are attracted to women who have big dreams and goals for themselves.

Men love big dreams. 

Actually, we all do.

This is what every blockbuster movie in the world is about. 

Someone with a dream. 

It’s intoxicating to be around someone who has a big dream.

And finding the love of your life is the biggest dream ever. 

We all love to root for a dreamer, even if we don’t share their dream.

So when you present yourself in the world as a woman who dreams of having a loving, committed, sustainable relationship, you attract a man who wants to be your hero.

The right man will absolutely love this.

To create this kind of experience, you have to make courtship, love and marriage non-negotiable for yourself.

Most women just don’t realize that this is an option. 

They find dating to be exhausting and demoralizing because they don’t realize there’s a better way.

But there is and it starts with just knowing that you can have it.

I want every woman who wants big love; committed, ride or die, forever love, to know that it’s possible. 

And I can help you have it.

You can have epic love. 

You can engage in courtship in such a way as to retain your self-respect. 

You can create a foundation for a happy healthy marriage.

My purpose in this world is to empower women in dating and relationships.

I achieved my big dream and I can help you achieve yours.

Because we all love a big dream.

I can teach any woman how to create these results for herself.

No matter what her life looks like now or how many disappointments she’s faced.

I’ve distilled the process I used into practical steps that are easy to implement.

I use everything I learned along the way to help you figure out how to get these results without spending years spinning your wheels.

This is why I created my private coaching program.

It’s called COURTED; a 6-month coaching experience to help you attract a quality man who’s ready to commit and be invested in a loving relationship.

You’ll get my expert attention on every detail of your dating life, so that you can set yourself up to win.

Here’s what you can expect when we work together:

  • I’ll teach you how to write an amazing profile and communicate with men effectively so that you’ll know for sure which guys are worth spending time with.
  • You’ll only date men with real potential and it won’t take months to figure out where things are going.
  • He’ll ask YOU if you’re seeing anyone else and to take down your profile because he’ll want you all to himself.
  • And he won’t make you wait forever to seal the deal, you’ll know that your heart is safe with him and you can relax and enjoy being courted.

If you’d like to spend your summer dating quality men who want a future with you, just click here to apply for a complimentary call with me.

We’ll find a time to chat about what’s happening in your dating life right now and what your specific goals are.

I’ll give you practical, actionable advice to help you reach those goals so that you can have the relationship you really want.

Then if it’s a good fit, I’ll invite you to join my coaching program and answer any questions you have. 

Whether or not we decide to work together, you’ll leave this call with a clear plan to move forward to find love instead of spinning your wheels.

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