How to help Mr. Right find you

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August 10, 2015
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August 24, 2015

How to help Mr. Right find you

You’d really like to find your Mr. Right. You’ve been looking for a while. Where is he anyway? You’re starting to feel a bit impatient and wondering if he’s ever going to show up.

It’d be great if he sauntered up to you the next time you’re out with the girls, but don’t be discouraged if that doesn’t happen. Many times, finding the right guy takes a bit more effort than just showing up in public places and looking good. If you’re ready to meet someone and it’s not happening naturally, it’s time to give nature a helping hand.

The three best ways to meet a quality man are to create an online profile, interact with others at social events, and to be friendly when going about your life.

Online dating is huge. Numbers don’t lie. A recent study said that over one third of marriages began with an online introduction. Like it or not, online dating is your single best shot at finding a man, so if you haven’t created an online profile yet, do it now.

Make sure you have great pictures, even if you have to hire a photographer. Men are visual and the picture you have is all he has to go on until he clicks on it, reads your profile and decides to reach out to you.

Once you’ve created a great online profile, log onto the site every day and find one person to write to. If you have trouble navigating online dating, get help from a friend or a coach. Online dating is your best shot at finding a great guy, so do everything you can to make it a success.

Go to social events. If you’re hiding out at home or the office, it’s time to hit the town. Go to street fests, singles events and meetups. Make sure you look your best when you go and be confident, cheerful and open once you’re there.

Don’t worry about having a friend to go with. Men are more likely to approach you if you are alone. No one likes rejection, but it’s easier to deal with one on one than in front of a third party.

Also, try introducing yourself to people when you’re out and about, or at least making eye contact and smiling. It gets easier with practice.

Finally, mix up your routine a bit. Go to the gym more often and talk to people while you’re there. Just say hi to someone. He doesn’t have to be your dream guy.

Practice saying hello to someone in the elevator or at the coffee shop just to build your friendliness muscles.

Being friendly and open, even to people you aren’t interested in dating, will help you feel more magnanimous and make you more appealing to the men you are interested in talking to. Practice acting like you are the mayor of the universe. Have fun and lighten up.

If you are active online, attend social events regularly and are friendly while you’re out, it will be much easier for Mr. Right to find you. You’ll both be so glad you took these steps to find love.


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