How to find the love you want

Ready to start dating better men?

Are you ready to find the love of your life?

You really want to be in a loving relationship, but you’re just not meeting any good men to date. Where are they all hiding?

You hope that there’s still a chance for you to find love, but it’s been way too long since you’ve had a date. You wonder why hasn’t it happened yet.

Even when you do end up on a date, it doesn’t turn into a relationship.

You’re hesitant to try online dating. You’ve heard the horror stories and maybe even have a few of your own. You and your friends are thinking about writing a book about all of your dating mishaps.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

You absolutely can have great love in your life.

Thousands of people find love every day, and so can you!

You’re really ready to have a great relationship with someone special. You want to wake up every morning next to a man who loves you, have someone wonderful to go on vacations with and cuddle with on the couch with after work.

You just wish you could meet a great guy, one you could really get excited about.

You have a great life full of friends, hobbies, and fun things to do. You’re excited by all of the possibilities life holds for you and you want someone to share it with. All you’re missing is the guy!

You’re ready and willing to take action to meet someone who really gets you. You know it’s time to commit to yourself and the love you want in a big way.

You’re open to investing in yourself and doing the work that’s necessary to get the results you want.

You know there must be someone out there looking for you, and you’re ready to help him find you.

But you wonder how to actually do it.

How do you go from having no dates, or at least no good ones, to being in the happy, fulfilling long term relationship you’ve always wanted? It seems like such a stretch.

I’ve created a fantastic course that can help you!

It’s called "How to Find the Love You Want"

In this course, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to go from not meeting or dating anyone to meeting quality, relationship-minded men, fast!

You can be with a great man instead of spinning your wheels for months or years on bad dates or relationships that go nowhere.

"How to Find the Love You Want" will teach you:

      • How to create the love life you want instead of waiting for it to “just happen”
      • How to become the best version of yourself so that you can attract better men
      • How to find men who are looking for a long-term relationship
      • The foolproof way to have great first dates
      • When and how to become exclusive with a man

        You’ll trade lonely nights for nights in the arms of a man who loves you, with the peace of knowing that your heart is safe with him and that you have a future together.

        If you’re really ready to find someone special to share your life with, this course is for you.

        "How to Find the Love You Want" will help you attract the right person into your life and build a relationship with him.

        Once you do the work in this course, you’ll attract quality men and quickly move into a loving relationship with someone who adores you instead of wasting time with guys who won’t commit, sitting through countless, boring coffee dates, or endlessly emailing and texting guys you never end up meeting.

        You want a real relationship, not just a bunch of dates, and I can show you how to get there much faster than you would on your own. It’s possible for you to be in the arms of your beloved much sooner than you think.



"How to Find the Love You Want" includes:

      • 5 course sessions with videos and pdfs
      • In Session 1 you’ll learn how to create the love life you want instead of just waiting for it to happen. You’ll learn how to take your results into your own hands and never waste your time on the wrong guys again!
      • In Session 2 you’ll learn how to become the absolute best version of yourself possible so that you can attract a great man and create a wonderful life. You’ll feel so much more confident and empowered once you’ve embodied the qualities that the men you want to date will find completely irresistible.
      • In Session 3 you’ll learn the exact steps to take to put your fabulous self out into the world and meet new people on a consistent basis. If you do the work in this section consistently, your social life will never be the same and finding new men to date (and love) will be inevitable.
      • In Session 4 you’ll learn exactly what to do in order to date more effectively. From the minute you post your profile or meet someone new in real life, you’re creating a framework for how your relationship will proceed by how you’re presenting yourself. This section will show you how to manage the dating process to maximize your chances of having the kind of relationship you want.
      • In Session 5 You'll discover the secrets to ensuring that your relationship has a future before you agree to become exclusive or become intimate with your man. You’ll never spend months or years with Mr. Wrong again if you follow these steps.

Bonuses You'll Love!

      • A fantastic visioning exercise to help you get clear about your goal of true love. Visioning is a powerful tool to create lasting results in your life by making them real to you so that you can consistently take action toward the life you want to create.
      • "5 mistakes you’re probably making in your online profile" This book will show you how to fix the 5 most common mistakes in online profiles that could be costing you your chance at love. You'll be able to spruce up your profile in no time so that you'll get the attention you deserve online.
      • Quick guide to First Dates This handy pdf will show you how to date much more effectively. In addition to dating better men, you'll also be able to totally ace first dates and leave them wanting more!
      • Dating Journal A nice way to keep track of all your dates. It’s very convenient to have all your dating information in one place and to write it down while the date is fresh in your mind. Fill out these pages as soon as you get home to keep track of the men you're seeing and how you're feeling about them.
      • Exclusivity checklist A quick guide to the 5 things you need to know before becoming exclusive. You'll never waste years with the wrong man again!
      • “The smart girl's guide to sex” An audio recording to help you manage expectations around intimacy when dating and how to make the right decision for YOU! 



        To take control of your love destiny, sign up for "How to Find the Love You Want" by clicking here

        Yours today for only $97


        If you’re ready to find someone special to share your life with, this course is for you!

        "How to Find the Love You Want" is for you if:

        • You want to be in a committed long term relationship
        • You’re ready to take serious, consistent action toward making love happen for yourself
        • You’re willing to put in some effort and make changes in your life
        • You’re ready to invest in yourself and take your love life seriously

          "How to Find the Love You Want"will NOT help you if:

          • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your life
          • You’re looking for a super easy quick fix with no effort involved
          • You’re not willing to try new things
          • You’re not willing to date different types of men
          • Here’s what past clients have said about working with me:

            “Renée Suzanne helped me illustrate what I was looking for with specific examples. I would recommend her to everyone. Working with her was a great experience and I really appreciated all of her support and generosity.” – Suzanne M.

            “Renée helped me to get a clear idea about what I'm looking for in terms of the love of my life. Her energy, positive attitude and the way she points things out without being judgmental is absolutely great!” - Ambre N.

            “Renée provided a plan for moving forward. She’s passionate about what she does.” – Pat B.

            “Renée Suzanne is a ROCKSTAR love coach! She’s the real deal! Her check-ins are so lovely, and to the point, and thoughtful, simply FEELS GOOD.” – Chelsea N.


                  To take control of your love destiny, sign up for "How to Find the Love You Want" by clicking here

                  Yours today for only $97


                  I want you to be as confident as I am, and our existing customers are, that you will see measurable results once you start implementing the strategies that I’m going to share with you in this course. But just in case you have any lingering doubts, I want to make your decision foolproof. Here’s my guarantee…

                  30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

                  I put 100% effort into “How to find the love you want” and I’m convinced that you’re going to love it. It contains the answers to questions my private clients have asked me over and over again. You’ll receive the benefit of this knowledge at a fraction of the cost of private coaching. If you complete all 5 modules of the course and feel that we did not deliver the level of value we promised, simply let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase price in full. With my 100% Money-Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I created this course so that you can find the love you want as quickly as possible, so sign up today!



                  How is this course different from others?

                  This course is special because it puts you in the driver’s seat of your own love life. I help you get the results you want by showing you how to become proactive in your life and create them, instead of waiting for things to happen or teaching you manipulative games or dating tips. I also help you get really clear about what you want so that you end up in a relationship that truly makes you happy instead of spinning your wheels for years on endless dates, playing games or chasing unavailable men.

                  Is it worth the money?

                  We’re talking about finding the love of your life here. This course will give you the tools you need in order to reach your dream for less than the cost of a night out with your friends or a trip to the salon.

                  Can’t I just do it on my own?

                  Yes, you can, but you’ve tried that already and if you’ve read this far it’s probably taking longer than you’d like. This course will seriously shorten your learning curve if you put in the work. Why not take advantage of the information that’s available to you instead of learning by trial and error?

                  If I wait a bit longer, won’t love happen on its own?

                  Most things worth having in life don’t just happen. If you really want to find the love of your life, why wait? Committing to yourself and taking action now is much more effective than just waiting longer. If you want a new result, you need to take a new action.


                  Ready to stop leaving your love life to chance?

                  Sign up for "How to Find the Love You Want" by clicking here

                  Yours today for only $97

                  Much Love,


                  Renée Suzanne

                  (PS) I know you want to find love this year. This course contains the answers to questions my private clients ask me over and over again at a fraction of the cost of one on one coaching with me. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be in the relationship of your dreams with a man who adores you a few months from now instead of out on another bad date or home alone? Don't wait one more minute to reach for the love you want. Sign up for "How to find the love you want" today!

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