How to create an amazing online dating profile

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May 1, 2016
Why you need a good profile
May 8, 2016

How to create an amazing online dating profile

So you’ve decided to date online, or go back to online dating after a break. You know what you want and you’re ready to go for it. Now, you need a great online dating profile. The most important things are to keep in mind are to be specific, post great pictures, and stay positive.

First, please be specific about what you’re looking for and stand out, in a good way. Everyone works hard and plays hard. Most of us own jeans and a little black dress and are comfortable in both. No one wants to read a litany of your travel destinations or your resume. Stay away from clichés unless you want to sound like everyone else.

Spend some time thinking about what makes you unique and write about that. Humanize your profile and add interesting details that a man could pick out and write to you about.

Do you make amazing biscuits and gravy? Say so. Is it your passion to volunteer at an animal shelter or assist baby sea turtles on their journey to the ocean? Awesome! Include this in your profile.

Don’t be afraid to be interesting. You’re not trying to appeal to the masses, you’re trying to get the attention of one man who will read your profile and be compelled to write to you.

Now, a word about pics. You know I have to go there. Please have nice pictures that are less than two or three years old. If you’ve gained or lost a significant amount of weight or changed your appearance, please get new pictures.

It simply isn’t fair to use old pics and you wouldn’t like it if someone did this to you. It’s a huge bummer to get to the first date and not be able to recognize the person you’re meeting. Just don’t.

Get your hair and your makeup done, wear some great outfits and get some full body shots taken. It’s worth it to splurge on a professional photographer if at all possible. If you’re concerned about your budget, check out Groupon or ask a friend to help you. Photos are a big deal. Please have good ones.

Finally, keep your profile positive and upbeat. It should sound like you, of course, but avoid negativity and sarcasm. It drives people away or invites drama.

Who would you rather go on a date with, someone who says “losers, liars and players, please don’t message me” or “I’m looking for a man who loves the work he does, is honest and ready to meet the love of his life”? Honestly, do you think someone’s going to read the first example and say to himself, “Gee, I’m a loser, I guess I shouldn’t contact her”? No.

Sarcasm can also be a turnoff in an online profile. It’s very easy to misinterpret the comments of someone you don’t know.

Take the time to write an excellent profile, post good pictures and stay positive. Your profile is all a man has to go on until he meets you, so make sure it’s the best it can be.

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