Looking for a guy who’s in it to win it?

It’s all about how he shows up over time.

These things will happen over a period of weeks and months , not days.

Anyone can say pretty things for a few days.

And I’m not talking about texting.

The guy who will go the distance…..

Calls you on the phone and talks to you.

Plans dates in advance.

Is interested in you as a person, not just as a potential source of sex.

Escalates contact over time. (your relationship isn’t flatlining or declining)

If these things aren’t happening in the first few weeks, they’re not going to.

Cut him loose and find a man who will do these things.

He’s out there.

To learn more, check out this video!

If you’re ready to find a guy who offers more than a flash of excitement followed by months of disappointment, drop me a line at renee@reneesuzannecoaching.com and I’ll get you on my calendar! 
We’ll get on the phone and hatch a plan to help you find your man, fast.
It’s like a call with your BFF who actually has the answers.

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