Men want love too

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October 23, 2016
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November 2, 2016

Men want love too

It’s easy to lose heart in your search for love, especially on more discouraging days. You may slog through a bunch of profiles and bad emails, go on a date with a guy who looks nothing like his picture, or meet someone you really like, only to have him vanish. Sometimes all in the same week!

I’m writing this post today to remind you that for every woman out there looking for love, there’s a man who’s hoping to find her. Men want love too.

Men get lonely sometimes too, more often than they’ll ever admit. They feel rejected, discouraged and get their hearts broken, just like women do. They just don’t talk about it as often as we do.

I’m privileged to be the mother of two sons and two daughters and I can tell you that my boys took the loss of love every bit as hard as my girls did, perhaps even more so. Men are not encouraged to reveal their feelings in our culture, but trust me, they have them.

Somewhere out in this world, there’s a man who would love to meet a woman just like you. The sound of your voice on the phone will make his heart do flip flops. The mention of your name will set off butterflies in his stomach. To him, you’ll be the most beautiful creature who ever existed because he loves you.

The next time you’re sitting across the table from a guy who doesn’t quite do it for you and regretting the fact that you took time out of your life to meet him, consider the following: He gets up in the morning hoping to find someone to share his life with. He has a boss, a commute, bills, aging parents, or kids, just like you do. He took time out of his day to meet you as well, and probably picked up the check.

Open your heart and meet him halfway, even if he’s not the one for you. Use this opportunity to practice connecting to another human being. This skill will come in very handy when you do find someone you really want to be with.

And you will find him if you keep at it and keep your heart open.

One day you’ll finally meet the man whose eyes light up at the sight of you. Someone whose embrace makes you weak in the knees and who really gets you. The one you can’t wait to call when something wonderful happens.

You’ll find him because he’s out there looking for you too and neither of you gave up hope.

He’s a real flesh and blood person, just like you are, and he wants a connection just as much as you do. Send him a little virtual kiss right now.

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