Giving Your Best Self

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July 26, 2018
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July 26, 2018

Giving Your Best Self

Are you a giving person? I’m not asking what you’re willing to give to others materially or financially. I’m talking about whether or not you’re the type of person who shows up and gives your best self to the world.

Do you show up on dates from a place of giving?

From a place of genuinely wanting to connect with another human being as opposed to looking to receive something from him? Waiting for someone to give you what you want is an entirely different energy and will produce a very different result.

You’ve likely experienced this yourself in the dating world and it doesn’t feel good.

Holding back a bit so that he can take the lead is fine, but once he does, be open and put yourself out there. Don’t play games to see if he really cares about you before you give him one little crumb of your attention.

If you sit back and wait for him to impress you he will sense that, and things won’t go well.

When you show up on a date as a warm, open, loving person – as a person who has something to give, you will attract a very different kind of situation, and a very different kind of man.

You’ll have better relationships, not only with men, but in general. When you’re able to give, you’ll be much more capable of having healthy long-term relationships than you will if you’re always worried about what you should invest.

I understand that can be hard sometimes, especially if you’ve been hurt. The feeling of wanting to protect yourself is very compelling, but please understand that nobody can hurt you without your permission.

You can show up in the world with something to give and be a warm,  genuine person that people feel amazing around. When you do that, I promise you, things will be so much better.

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