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October 12, 2015
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October 21, 2015

Expect failure

I usually try to be positive, I really do. I’m an optimist at heart and I like to take a “glass half full” kind of approach to things. That said, we know life isn’t all sunshine and champagne. Even in love and dating, we experience failure and disappointment.

Sometimes things can get really tough. Life is not for sissies. Neither is dating.

While dating can be fun, it can also be a ton of work and fraught with disappointment. This is to be expected. Not only will you fail, everyone else will too and when it happens, it’s important to cultivate some perspective.

You will fail. It’s going to happen. Probably more than once. The odds of the next guy you meet becoming your husband are infinitesimally small. That’s just the way it goes.

There will be guys who don’t call or text after a date that you thought was amazing. Sometimes a guy might flake on you or stand you up. You may receive emails from people you’d never consider dating and the men you email may not always respond to you.

Once in a while you might show up on a date and not see the person in the photo anywhere. That’s because the photo was 10 years old. These things happen all the time.

When they happen to you, and they will, understand that you’re in good company. The world is full of dating horror stories and disappointments.

Everyone fails. Everyone gets rejected sometimes, even that cute guy that you were drooling over last week who never answered your email. Everyone.

The only way not to fail is not to try and I know you’re not going to stop trying.

No one is immune to the sting of rejection or disappointment. A batting average of .300 is considered to be excellent. This means that the batter hit three pitches out of ten. The batter with an excellent average still “fails” at seven pitches, far more than half!

Remember this the next time you feel the sting of a perceived failure, then buck up and try again.

I honestly think that we women can learn a lot from guys in this area. Men are encouraged to go for what they want, they are encouraged to take risks and they know more about sports. They understand that failure and rejection are part of the game and they keep at it. We ladies would do well to do the same.

In sports, business and dating, most people have far more failures than successes, but when they are successful the payoff is huge. Remember what it is you’re going for, true lasting love. That’s worth putting up with a bit of disappointment. It’s worth a few silly emails, a couple of bad dates, even a flake or two.

The next time you’re staring into the face of failure, just flip it off and move on. Everyone else on the planet has been where you are in some way shape or form. Keep your end goal in mind and keep going.


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