Does He Like You?

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December 5, 2018
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December 19, 2018

Does He Like You?

Are you interested in a guy but unsure how he feels about you?

You think he likes you. He smiles at you, maybe even chats you up or texts you, but never seems to ask you out.

Guys are encouraged to go for what they want, so if you have to question whether he wants to date you – he probably doesn’t. I know that may be tough to swallow but I really want you to take this to heart.

A man will usually make his interest clear even if he’s shy.

Men know when they like you, they don’t get confused about this. Please don’t tell yourself stories about how he’d surely ask you out if only he wasn’t going through a tough time, fresh out of a relationship, busy at work, etc. A man who isn’t asking you out just doesn’t want to.

If you’re spending a lot of your time wondering if a man likes you, you need to find another man.

There’s simply no need to spend months or even years waiting and wishing when there are thousands of men out there who would love to date you. Use the time you’ve been spending wondering about this guy to post a profile and start getting to know some new men.

Start doing this right now and you’ll have a new boyfriend sooner than you think. You deserve a guy who makes it clear that he likes you, so go help him find you!

To hear more about what to do when you’re not sure he likes you, check out this video:

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