Do You Want to Set a Date?

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March 4, 2020
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March 18, 2020

Do You Want to Set a Date?

How long have you been single?

Months? Years? Decades?

I was single for well over a decade, stumbling around trying things.

Sometimes not trying things and just wishing and hoping.

I thought it would just happen if I hung in there.

Sometimes I thought it wasn’t meant to be.

If this sounds like you, I’d like to encourage you to set a date.

Think about how much longer you’re willing to try to do this on your own before you get some support.

Because support helps so much more than waiting, wishing and hoping.

So, get out your calendar right now and circle the date by which you will reach out for help if you haven’t figured this out yet.

When that date comes, email me.

Or someone else.

Just do it.

Because your life is going by and this is important to you or you wouldn’t keep reading this stuff.


To learn more, check out this video!

Ready to stop leaving your love life to chance? Drop me a line to schedule a complimentary discovery call with me!

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