Do you know what you want?

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March 27, 2016
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April 3, 2016

Do you know what you want?

Do you know exactly what you want in life, or do you just wait to see what happens? If you have an online profile, pull it up right now and read what you wrote. Is it vague? Does it say that you “would like to meet someone and see how it goes” or something to that effect? Are you cagey about what you want because you’re afraid of scaring guys off?

If any of these things are true, I’d like to encourage you to get in touch with what you really want. Now’s the time.

Be specific about what you want, dream big and really own your desires. If you won’t do this, you’ll end up with whatever happens. I’m sure you’re tired of that by now.

What do you really want in the area of love and relationships? Not the height or weight or resume of your would-be mate, but the form of relationship. Do you want a long-term relationship, marriage, and a family? How do you want to feel in this relationship?

Take some time to really think about what you want and write it down. Then post it in your online profile.

I want you to dream big. This is your life and this is for you. You did not show up on this planet to meet some guy or hang out with someone and see what happens. You did not incarnate into this wonderful body of yours to simply take whatever comes along.

You came into this world to love and be loved. You came to share your soul with the world and a man who absolutely adores you. You came to share your body with someone who cherishes and respects you. You deserve to have all these things and more. I’m standing for you to dream big today. Will you stand with me?

Once you’ve gotten really specific about what your desires are and allowed yourself to dream big, I want you to own it. Proclaim it. Not in a chip on your shoulder kind of way, but a stand up straight and believe in yourself way.

I bet you know someone who is very self-possessed. She has a quiet strength and determination about her and people look up to her because she knows what she wants and who she is. That’s what I’m talking about.

Own your dream of love. Believe in it. Post it in your online profile. If someone asks you what you’re looking for in a relationship, be willing to say what it is with confidence. If you can’t do it right now, then practice. It will get easier.

Once you really get this, you’ll see the quality of the men you date increase dramatically. The men who were just looking to fill a gap with whomever will be gone because you will be clear that you want more. Once you’re clear that you want more, you’ll be that much closer to having it.


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