Do you ever feel like men should come with warning labels?

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July 28, 2021
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August 11, 2021

Do you ever feel like men should come with warning labels?

This is a box of gluten-free double chocolate brownie mix.


It is perfect if you want to make a batch of gluten-free double chocolate brownies.

You’d never pull this out of the pantry and try to use it to make lasagna then be upset that it didn’t work.

Because the box says what’s inside.

So when you continue to see the guy who texts you once a week and already told you that he doesn’t want anything serious and you know you want to get married, you’re not reading the box.

Because this doesn’t just happen.

The box says what’s inside.

When it comes to dating, I can show you how to read the box so that you can get the guy you want and the relationship you dream of.
It really is possible and these kinds of guys are available.

You’ve just been shopping in the wrong aisle.

I can teach any woman how to create the life and relationship she really wants.

No matter what her life looks like now or how many disappointments she’s faced.

I’ve distilled the process I used into practical steps that are easy to implement.

I use everything I learned along the way to help you figure out how to get these results without spending years spinning their wheels.

This is why I created my private coaching program.

It’s called COURTED; a 6-month coaching experience to help you attract a quality man who’s ready to commit and be invested in a loving relationship.

You’ll get my expert attention on every detail of your dating life, so that you can set yourself up to win.

Here’s what you can expect when we work together:

  • I’ll teach you how to write an amazing profile and communicate with men effectively so that you’ll know for sure which guys are worth spending time with.
  • You’ll only date men with real potential and it won’t take months to figure out where things are going.
  • He’ll ask YOU if you’re seeing anyone else and to take down your profile because he’ll want you all to himself.
  • And he won’t make you wait forever to seal the deal, you’ll know that your heart is safe with him and you can relax and enjoy being courted.

If you’d like to spend your summer dating quality men who want a future with you, just click here to apply for your complimentary call with me.

We’ll find a time to chat about what’s happening in your dating life right now and what your specific goals are.

I’ll give you practical, actionable advice to help you reach those goals so that you can have the relationship you really want.

Then if it’s a good fit, I’ll invite you to join my coaching program and answer any questions you have. 

Whether or not we decide to work together, you’ll leave this call with a clear plan to move forward to find love instead of spinning your wheels.

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