Do guys only want one thing?

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January 24, 2016
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January 31, 2016

Do guys only want one thing?

Maybe you’ve had a few disappointments in dating. Perhaps you’ve given your heart or your body too soon and regretted it. Now, understandably, you’re on guard. It’s easy to think that men are only interested in sex if you’ve been let down a few times.

If you think that guys are cold, calculating beasts who only want sex, read on. It’s important to know that men are different, not wrong. Most men really do want love and connection, and you have much more to offer the men of the world than your sexuality.

Generally speaking, men view sex differently than women do. They are capable of having sex with women they barely know and don’t even like very much. They have an easier time separating the physical from the emotional.

Men don’t have the ridiculous amounts of oxytocin circulating through their bloodstreams that makes most women feel insane if they don’t hear from him the next day. This doesn’t make men wrong or bad. We just need to understand that men aren’t like us in this way and stop expecting them to be. Then act accordingly.

Guys don’t mind having sex with someone they’d never be serious about, so be clear about what you want and make sure he’s on the same page before you do the deed. It’s ok to take your time. If he won’t wait until you’re comfortable, he’s not your man.

Men definitely want sex and are generally less picky about where they get it than women are, but most guys want love and connection too. They have friends, they have families, and they feel lonesome sometimes, just like women.

Men do the most amazing things for the people they love. They go to work to support their families, they are fire fighters, soldiers, and volunteers who make the world a better place. Most men really do want to find someone to love and share their lives with. The key is to make sure that the guy you’re with wants these things with you.

Realize your own value. You have so much more to offer in a relationship than sex. While sex can be beautiful and amazing, it’s biologically possible with a great many people. What you have to offer a man is much more unique than a biological process that is possible with billions of people.

You are a beautiful living breathing person with hopes and dreams. You are capable of loving someone and being loved in return. You have a unique view of life that no one else has. No other person can bring your special brand of magic to this world. So bring it!

Once you really get that guys view sex differently, that they value love and connection, and that you have so much more to offer in a relationship, you’ll be in a much better place. Once you start dating and relating from this new viewpoint, you’ll have a much better experience with men.


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