Date Men Who Are Excited About You

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July 31, 2019
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August 14, 2019

Date Men Who Are Excited About You

If you decide to date ONLY men who are excited about you and reaching out to you regularly and consistently, you will revolutionize your life!

I promise that if you do this one thing you will eliminate 99% of the heartache and angst you experience with dating.

The man who isn’t excited about you is not your future husband or your future boyfriend. His enthusiasm for you will not increase over time.

Trust me.

So ditch the guy who texts you once a week, the guy who vanishes, the guy who’s not following up for more dates, the guy you have to text first, the guy you have to ask out, the guy who waits until the last possible second to ask you out.

Away with them!

You want the guy who’s excited about you, who can’t wait to see you again, who asks if you’re seeing anyone else, who wants to be your boyfriend within a couple of weeks or 2 months tops!

Any man who’s not doing these things is not excited about you, and dating a man who is excited about you is what you’re going for.

That’s what will get you into a long-term relationship.

To learn more, please check out this video!

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