I was single for a LONG time and I went on tons of bad dates.

I thought it was just a numbers game and I had to slog through them and kiss my share of frogs.

There was the guy who showed up drunk and tried to kiss me immediately, another one who essentially told me that I was stupid because I didn’t know enough about theater and another one who asked me straight up if I wanted to shag. (I didn’t)

I really started to hate dating.

I didn’t swear it off because I was serious about finding love, but I wondered if there was a way to minimize, if not eliminate this level of ridiculousness.

Happily, I figured out how to start dating much better men and eventually land The Hubbs and give up dating altogether.

Here are 5 of my favorite tips:

Write a really good profile.
I cannot stress this enough. Your profile is all he has to go on until he meets you. Most people have no idea how to do this, so please learn how. It’s well worth the time and effort to get this right.

Read his profile for clues that you’re on the same page about relationship goals.
If he says he’s not looking for anything serious right now, just got out of something or is busy with XYZ, believe him. No matter how cute his picture is or how tall he is.

Invite him to call you on the phone to chat before planning to meet.
You’re not running out all over town to meet guys you’ve only exchanged texts with. Even the most brief phone conversations reveal far more about a person than a text message.

The date should be convenient to you and planned in advance. This immediately uplevels the quality of your connection. And you’ll both have something to look forward to. It will be more like a real date and less like a networking meeting.

Keep the texting to an absolute minimum.
Get to know each other with real conversations. Texting can go wrong so fast, especially with people you barely know. If he texts, just say something like “Thanks for your text. I’m not big on texting but I’ll be around later if you’d like to call and chat.

To learn more, check out this video!

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