Commit to your path

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December 20, 2015
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December 25, 2015

Commit to your path

You’re serious about having love in your life and you’re willing to do what it takes. You know that finding the love of your life will likely require a bit of work.

You didn’t get your college degree or your amazing body by planning alone. Once you had your plan, you executed it. Consistently. You knew that you needed to show up in class or at the gym and you did so on a regular basis. You understood that this is how the world works, that effort is required to achieve your desired result.

If you want an average body, or a so-so career, you can afford to amble along every day and see what turns up, but if you want a rocking body and a great career, you know you need to focus on your goal and put in some work. Love is no different.

You want a great relationship, not a mediocre one, so show up for yourself and make it happen.

No whining about how your friends got married right out of college, no excuses about not having time. Those things may be true, but they won’t help you get where you’re going. Taking action will.

Do what it takes to make it happen. You need to put yourself in a position to meet people to date. Take some kind of action every day in order to meet men. This is your dream, so now it’s go time.

Fill out an online profile, go to social events and be friendly as you go about your everyday life. You may dread these things at first, but I promise you that they get easier with practice. It’s just like building any other skill. You may procrastinate and feel awkward at first, but you’ll get better at it.

Force yourself to take one action every day. Log on to a dating website and write one email. Go to a singles event, a party or even just smile at someone in the elevator. Just do something every day.

Finally, don’t get discouraged and settle for less than you deserve. Sometimes once you get serious about making a great change in your life, something will show up to stop you. Your ex might get back in touch or you may be tempted to settle for a relationship where you’re not treated well just to retreat back into your comfort zone.

Don’t do it. Remember the commitment you made to yourself. Remember that you are working toward finding the love of your life, not settling for crumbs. Keep the promise you made to yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Once you make peace with the fact that reaching your dream requires some work, start doing the work and refuse to settle, you’ll be making real progress toward achieving your goal. Now you’re really moving in the right direction and there’s no turning back. If you keep going, your dream will be within reach before you know it.


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