Coffee Date as a First Date

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March 13, 2019
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March 27, 2019

Coffee Date as a First Date

Do you like coffee dates? Honestly, I was never a coffee date kind of girl in my single days, but everyone’s different.

If you like coffee and coffee dates, go for it! Just be sure that you like the reason you’re going on them.

Is it because you actually prefer to meet for coffee or because you want a quick exit if it doesn’t work out? 

If you’re using coffee dates as a quick low-investment way to screen your dates, getting on the phone before agreeing to meet is much easier and less time-consuming than meeting for coffee.

If you decide to meet after your chat on the phone, you can do something a little more romantic that actually resembles a date, such as drinks after work,  a walk in the park, or even dinner if he suggests it.

If you’re really hesitant to meet him for dinner, ask yourself why you’re agreeing to meet him at all.

First dates are so much better when you feel like you somewhat know him already so that you actually want to show up! If you do this, you’ll be a better date as well and this increases the chances that there will be a second date.

If you’re looking for a real relationship, consider upgrading that coffee date to a phone conversation and going on first dates that are actually dates instead of meetings.

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