Letting go

October 17, 2015

Expect failure

I usually try to be positive, I really do. I’m an optimist at heart and I like to take a “glass half full” kind of approach to things. That said, we know life isn’t all sunshine and champagne. Even in love and dating, we experience failure and disappointment. Sometimes things can get really tough. Life is not for sissies. Neither is dating. While dating can be fun, it can also be a ton of work and fraught with disappointment. This is to be expected. Not only will you fail, everyone else will too and when it happens, it’s important to cultivate some perspective. You will fail. It’s going to happen. Probably more than once. The odds of the next guy you meet becoming your husband are infinitesimally small. That’s just the way it goes. There will be guys who don’t call or text after a date that you thought was […]
October 21, 2015

Why he didn’t call

You’re home after your first date and waiting for his call or text. You had a great time and would love to hear from him. You thought he had a good time too, but something must be off because it’s been several days with no word and you’re wondering why he didn’t call. You’d really like to know what happened. Honestly, there’s no way to know why he didn’t call for sure. Even if you call him and ask him yourself he may not pick up the phone or feel comfortable being honest with you, but chances are good that the reason is on this list:   He wasn’t that into you. This happens all the time. There wasn’t a book written about it for nothing. There are times that you’ve felt this way about someone after a first date, so it only makes sense that it goes the other […]
December 20, 2015

How to rise above rejection

Feeling the sting of rejection? It happens to the best of us, especially in the dating world. Here’s what to do when it happens to you.   What to do when rejection rears its ugly head
January 13, 2016

It starts out great and then…

You meet him and the sparks fly. You really like him. You’re excited to have finally found someone you connect with after months or years alone. The relationship starts off great, then, little by little, things start to slide. Maybe he becomes neglectful or downright mean. Maybe he starts taking you for granted, the dates stop, you’re parked on the couch constantly. What’s a girl to do? Take the time to really identify what you want in a relationship, determine whether or not it is possible with this person and act accordingly. First, be really clear about the kind of relationship you want to have. Do you want to feel safe, heard and understood? How do you want to be treated? Do you want to move in together or get married? How do you really feel about this person, not just having the “significant other” box in your life checked, […]
February 17, 2016

Have you been ghosted?

You’ve been seeing someone new and you’re so excited. You have wonderful conversations, he’s attractive and has all the qualities you’ve been wanting. Things are going well, at least you think they are. Then you stop hearing from him. Maybe he cancels on you at the last minute, or stops contacting you when everything seemed fine just the day before. You reach out, but there’s no response. Is his phone broken? Did he fall off a cliff? Should you call him? Ghosting is becoming increasingly common in our digital dating culture. Unfortunately, a good first date or even a good first month or two is no guarantee that things will move forward. Ghosting can happen for any reason, he’s married, reunited with his ex, or wasn’t that into you. You may never know. Here’s what to do if you’ve been ghosted. Realize that it’s not about you. Ghosting is usually an […]