Being your best

January 14, 2015

Upgrade your look – upgrade your life!

Are you pumped up and excited about beginning a new year? Are you motivated and ready to upgrade your life? Fantastic! Last time, I wrote about the importance of cultivating a growth mindset and being determined. Now I will cover specific things you can do to begin moving toward your goals. I’ll cover outer work in this newsletter and inner work in the next one. It’s time to step up to the plate and back that motivation up with consistent actions in order to get results. So let’s start with the outside work. Your outer appearance is the first thing everyone sees. The outside counts, a lot! It is your very own advertisement to other members of the human race, your first chance to show people who you are. If you would like to attract more dates, it helps to look good. If you know that your appearance could use […]
May 24, 2015

Why I became a coach

Hi, Renée Suzanne here!  I wanted to get personal today and tell my story about what I do and why I became a coach. While raising four children alone, I graduated from university on full merit scholarship at the age of 29. I was intelligent and no stranger to hard work, but I was still unable to have such a simple thing as love. It seemed like everyone else had it all figured out. I stubbornly refused to give to up on my dream. One day after getting my heart broken yet again, I bought myself a ring, stood in the mirror and placed it on my own finger. I promised myself that I would find a way to have love in my life, and I did! Now it is my fondest hope to make the process of finding love easier for anyone who is willing to do the work necessary. […]
July 5, 2015

You Are Love

I just read an angst-filled article written by a woman who is obviously intelligent, accomplished, and self-aware. In it, she outlined how she is much more concerned with a man being good enough for her than in making herself good enough for him. I commend her for her determination not to settle and to continue to hold out for someone who makes her happy. I’m not a fan of settling by any means. It’s just that she sounds kind of pissed. The search for love can be frustrating and fraught with all sorts of disappointments. When we come from a lonesome, angst-filled place it’s easy to start feeling angry. Whether justified or not, anger is not attractive. Love is not waiting for you to find it, hiding from you in the form of some man who won’t call you or commit to a relationship. Love is not “out there”. Love […]
August 24, 2015

How to be relationship-ready

It’s time to find Mr. Right. You’re ready and waiting. You know what you’re looking for, you’ve got your profile online and you’re rocking singles events. What more can you do? Be the kind of person the man you are looking for would like to date. It only makes sense for you to date someone who would be a good fit for you. Most of us like to aim high and who can blame us? We all like to think we’re better than average and look good for our age. Even if these things are true, it’s easy to want someone who’s a bit out of our league and pass on perfectly good candidates because we think we can do better. If you’re not being pursued by the kind of guy you want to date, you may need to make some adjustments. A good place to begin is to be […]
October 12, 2015

Run your race

Yesterday was marathon day here in Chicago! I ran it myself a few years back and trained for many months in order to participate. It was a huge commitment and it definitely wasn’t easy. In many ways, your journey to love may resemble training for a marathon. It’s a long-term goal, but totally worth the investment of training. What’s the difference between trying to fit into a cute dress for a party and having a healthy shapely body every day? Committing to your fitness as a lifestyle. How about the difference between studying to pass an exam and having a stellar career? Your commitment to your own success, every day. What kind of commitment are you willing to make in order to have a loving relationship that lasts a lifetime? Are you willing to go the distance, or will you give up the minute it requires effort? You will drive yourself […]